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We all deserve to reach goals, make changes, feel and look OUR best. However, it’s important to keep in mind that as we navigate our way toward a lifestyle of health and wellness, we must respect our individual differences.

We all have different body types, genetics, metabolism, desires, goals, and expectations… Each person will carve a unique and individual path.

What is Let’s Move Fitness

I have a vision (my vision is) with Let’s Move Fitness to make daily differences in the lives of others through physical movement and building healthy mindsets.

All of us in different life chapters yet all on the same journey to find optimal wellness. My focus with stressing movement rather than “working out’ is very deliberate.

As much as we all look different with diverse backgrounds, upbringings, restrictions, priorities and desires.

The dimensions of movement are not cookie cutter; movement is universal and comes in so many forms.

Tapping into living a healthy lifestyle as a priority and not complicating the process is key to our individual success.

Recognizing and guiding others to find our own connection with movement and mindset while making a positive difference in our lives is my deep passion.

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There is no rule about what we are supposed to achieve. Different things matter to us and ultimately, we all want an optimal quality of life.

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All fitness levels are welcome in my classes as I strive to coach, guide and motivate you with safe movement and a positive mindset.

Form and technique are always first and foremost. Modifications and variations are given within all formats as we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones, safely.

I bet you’ll never say “I wish I didn’t do that class.” Trying new movements, challenging our mind and body to work together is so amazing.

We are meant to move, our bodies crave movement in all different directions and dimensions.

We often get stuck in doing the same movement, stagnating in the same zone time after time that we get comfortable and our bodies get “used” to that function.

Adding variety and a spice to our movement is key.

TRUST me, together we will make a difference in our lives and reap the benefits that we deserve…

Let’s Get Moving

The beauty of online workouts is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

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