Introductory Challenge

Bring 2020 Back

with Lorraine and Candace

About Lorraine

Hi everyone, my name is Lorraine Schray. I’m a mom, a wellness/ fitness/ healthy lifestyle lover with over 30+ years’ experience in the fitness industry, holding multiple certifications.

My passion runs deep to help coach and guide others towards being the best YOU.

Realizing healthy living both physically and mentally is not “rocket science” but, through knowledge and deliberate action, we all can be the best US from the inside out.

I am almost 58 and determined to be deliberate about living a healthy lifestyle.

As a direct result of the Coronavirus epidemic, we have all unfortunately experienced a change, a “new normal” bringing to light even more the importance of a healthy immune system, with a healthy mind and body.

So the time is now, to bring more awareness to our health from the inside out.

My best friend Candace Gobble and I would love to have you join us on our 20 day Corona Wellness Challenge! We are here to help guide, coach, motivate and educate you as we make positive changes on this journey together for the next 20 days.

About Candace

Hi everyone, my name is Candace Gobble, I’m partnering with Lorraine Schray to offer everyone the best experience possible during our 20 day Corona Wellness Challenge! She and I have been friends for 25 years and have been developing plans for the last 5 years for online programs to benefit anyone who desires to make positive life changes. This Challenge is just the beginning.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 30 years and I have offered coaching and training in and out of gyms along with teaching classes. Currently I have become more focused with Health and Wellness through helping clients with their nutritional habits and mindset. My certifications include ACE Personal Training, ACE Health and Nutrition, and Precision Nutrition 1 Certification, along with 30 years of personal experience. For the last seven years I’ve educated myself in courses focused on how human metabolism works at an individual level.

I’m excited to help and share my passion with you, and to help you choose a path toward health and a stronger immune system, especially important in trying times such as these. Rest assured, Lorraine and I have your back! If you follow the guidelines we’ll be offering, you will feel better and in return, look better! She and I are fully prepared to help you toward living a better life, to be a BETTER YOU!

We welcome you all and just remember, healthy looks good on you!


Let’s Move Together

Get ready for 20 days of greatness:)

Join Lorraine and Candace for 20 days and reignite your wellness for the inside out.

All fitness levels welcome as we embrace daily movement with a variety of formats.

Daily recipes and tips learning to understand and put into place fueling our bodies towards a strong, healthy immune system.

All you need is an open mind and willingness to TRUST us as we guide you.

Make the commitment today and you’re on your way with a 20 day wellness journey.

Let’s Move

Feel Better

Bring 2020 Back

Invest In



Fitness classes.


Simple nutritional guidelines.


Motivation and accountability.


Education and tutorials.

Why Now

Our Challenge

20 days of movement, challenging our bodies to change direction and dimensions. The challenge will help build a stronger immune system by creating awareness through education, motivation, movement, nutrition, and accountability.


Taking ourselves out of our comfort zones with a variety of strength, balance, range of motion, flexibility, cardio, resistance training workouts and education.


Offering 20 healthy meal recipes that not only taste good but are healthy for you and will help strengthen your immune system.


You will receive tips to strengthen a healthy immune system through proven science and suggestions to make habit changes for a better life.

Overall Wellness

Introductory Challenge


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Let’s Move Together

We look forward to meeting you online… And also someday in person!!