About Me

Recognizing that we are all in a different chapter along our fitness journey, we really have very similar goals: We endeavor to enjoy happy, healthy, fulfilled lives… and to make a positive difference in our days (for ourselves and for those we love) so as to be the best version of US we can be!

Hi, I’m Lorraine

I was born in London, England and immigrated to the beautiful USA as a young teenager. Having fallen in love with being a competitive gymnast, I eventually earned a NCAA Division 1 scholarship. Gymnastics created a healthy spark in my belly thru athleticism.

The hard work, dedication, focus, perseverance and strong mindset learned in my gymnastic career, have stayed with me to this very day.

As a fitness professional for the past 30+ years, I’ve had a deep love in my soul as I’ve coached, guided, motivated and helped others strive toward their personal best.

My Passion

All my years of competing, training and teaching fitness classes have proven to me what a difference movement can make in our lives. We can evolve physically (from the inside out) and mentally, as we develop healthy habits.

My passion is to help others make a positive difference in their lives.

Join Me

Here, as we meet virtually (or maybe in person), I want everyone to know that no matter what, it is possible to create change… whatever that looks like for you. You can become the best version of yourself – physically and mentally.

So join me on this healthy lifestyle journey and let’s crush goals! It’s time to look at ourselves in the mirror, with a big smile, knowing we deserve to be the best US… Shoot, we have the rest of our lives to evolve and learn as we go and grow… Let’s do it together!

Lorraine Schray
Fitness Forever:)

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